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Befriending Aging: Wisely & Well

 Join us in exploring our spiral dance of creative aging, embracing age old wisdom of our natural unfolding and the wild mystery of an unknown future as wise elders.


As clan with abundant others who contemplate aging and maturing, we invite deep dialogue of shared issues and unique perspectives.

We are not alone, yet listening with ear to sea shell, for intuitions of a larger sea change for ourselves and each other.​ Re-visioning our lives through staying nimble, aware and awake to the currents, ebbs and flows of our own and each other's needs and wants, in tandem with community opportunities. ​


During our eight weeks of collaborative contemplations and active engagement, let’s share in these and other topics:

  • What feels true for us in an embodied way about our aging process?

  • How to face the unknown and unfamiliar fears and tasks of aging

  • Naming our grit, grace and gratitude.

  • Noting world views, assumptions, beliefs which encourage/ discourage us from stepping into our unique and authentic aging..

  • Befriending impermanence and challenges with empathy, kindness and acceptance.

  • Life review to find our resource, resilience and strength within to apply to practical solutions for daily life: where and how to live, limitations and illness, spiritual doubts and faith, interdependence and intention, support and more.

We will meet weekly in Boulder from 3:00pm -5:30 pm


 Sunday afternoons, February 4 – March 25, 2018


$200 for all eight sessions  

advance registration requested

Befriending Aging:

Wisely & Well

3:00-5:30 pm  Sunday Afternoons

February 4- March 25, 2018

Presented by Dominie Cappadonna

Dominie Cappadonna Ph.D., CT. is a Transpersonal Psychotherapist and mentor. She is internationally certified in dying, death and bereavement, and a practicing Buddhist. Through her work, Radiant Living~Luminous Dying she offers seminars-Becoming Familiar with Dying, Aging Lively and Wisely and more.

Boulder, CO