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Boulder, Colorado

BoulderBodyworks, founded in 1993 and located in the heart of North Boulder, offers a uniquely transformative experience. We empower people to improve their health, fitness and well-being through our integrated team based approach to movement, exercise and bodywork.  Our certified teachers and therapists are highly trained and qualified to work with people of all ages and abilities.

Whether you are recovering from any injury, experiencing chronic pain or wish to have a more fit physique, BoulderBodyworks has the expertise to deliver you a program that meets your unique needs and exceeds your expectations. We provide expert instruction in both the therapeutic and fitness applications of Pilates, Massage, Rolfing, Integrated Positional Therapy and Core Integration Therapy to help you lead a pain-free, healthy, vibrant life!

Boulder, Colorado


EERIS KALLIL Reg. C.M.T is an established massage therapist, healing-arts practitioner and a gifted instructor. She has been a practitioner since 1988 and an instructor since 1999. Her background includes extensive studies of Zen Shiatsu, Chinese Medicine Theory, Oncology Massage, Energy work, Manual Lymph Drainage, Thai massage and more.  She is the founder of Core Alignment Technique and Intu-Atsu.


Clients at Bodywork Wisdom consider their massage and healing session as an integral part of their health maintenance. Eeris’ intention is to provide well rounded session where you can expect to feel deeply touched. Not only will your body feel rejuvenated, while tension and pain is significantly reduced but you will find it deeply nurturing on all levels; emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Boulder, Colorado


With more than 30 years experience in Bodywork and the Healing Arts, Merry Witty can help you move Well Beyond traditional limitations, to discover the divine blueprint of your own creation, so that you might know who you were born to be, free to live the life you were meant to live.


Integrating three main methods of treatment  – Cranial Sacral TherapyVisceral Manipulation and Circles of Life – through workshops and private sessions, Merry can help you learn to be 100% you, how to recognize when you’re not, and how to get back to being you.


Working with Merry, you’ll learn to recognize and delete the patterns that defeat and sabotage, the part of yourself that keeps you from knowing and being your true Authentic Self. You’ll learn to replace old patterns - both physical and emotional - with new patterns and programs that let you win.

Integrative Manual Therapy


Longmont , Colorado


Enabling transformative change through effective, hands-on therapies that balance the knowledge and science of Western medicine  with the Eastern principles of energetic movement and touch. 

At Mountain Hands,  I use my hands to to alleviate pain and enhance well-being. My focus is to provide manual therapy techniques for a broad range of health conditions. I specialize in treating orthopedic conditions, as well as PTSD, unresolved emotion, and palliative care.


My growing interests are in visceral, neurological and immunological conditions, and the advancement of Mind/Body medicine through touch.

Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner 


Boulder, Colorado


Debbie is an established Feldenkrais practitioner, graduating and founding Moving Through Milestones in 1999. She has an extensive background in physical therapy and a gift to listen deeply to each client. Debbie offers home visits and has an office in Boulder. She has helped countless people, from infants to individuals in their 90's, using gentle movement and directed attention to improve movement and function in one's daily life. 

Often we lose awareness of how we use our bodies and resultantly develop habits that prevent us from doing things in the easiest, most efficient way. This can cause pain, inefficient movement and breathing patterns, even inhibit creativity. Debbie helps her clients learn to organize themselves and develop new options of movement, thoughts and behaviors in order to break out of unwanted patterns. 


Clients share that they have less pain, move with greater ease and fluidly, breath more fully and have a greater sense of vitality.

Zoe Beckeer I Pilates I Yoga

BoulderBodyWorks   Boulder, Colorado

Zoe works with a wide range of clients, from those looking to rehab both old and new injuries, to those dealing with current debilitating back, neck or shoulder pain to those who are looking to become more fit and healthy. She teaches Pilates, Yoga, Yamuna® Body Rolling and Therapeutic exercise through BoulderBodyworks and is currently training in Biodynamic Cranial Sacral Therapy at the Colorado School of Energy Studies.

Sara Cunningham I Massage

BoulderBodyWorks   Boulder, Colorado

Sara practices advanced manual therapy through deep listening. Her unique approach to bodywork provides relief from pain and fascial restriction while connecting to one's own devotion to healing.
From stress release to injury recovery, Sara will deliver you a personalized massage or bodywork treatment that is unique to your specific needs.

Jolene Dille-Dee I Pilates

BoulderBodyWorks   Boulder, Colorado

Jolene has worked in the fitness and wellness industry for over two decades. Specializing in prenatal and postpartum Pilates, Jolene works with a variety of clients ranging from professional athletes, to those with both acute and chronic injuries. Her focus is always to make movement safe, attainable and fun.

Megan Dougherty, LMT

BoulderBodyWorks   Boulder, Colorado

Megan is a licensed massage therapist with over 10 years of professional massage practice and 15 years of practice in Meditation and Yoga. She is a graduate of Boulder College of Massage Therapy with an Associates Degree as a Master of Massage and Bodywork.  Her speciality is Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) therapy.

RayAnn Gordon I Pilates

BoulderBodyWorks   Boulder, Colorado

RayAnn has helped countless people living with pain to feel confident in their bodies again. She is passionate about functional applications of Pilates work to every day life. With kindness and humor, Rayann challenges her clients to discover the next level of strength and integration for their bodies. She creates practical strategies to develop healthy movement patterns both in and outside the studio.

Kerry Lewis I Core Integration Therapy

BoulderBodyWorks   Boulder, Colorado

Core Integration Therapy is an integrative approach to accessing and healing the core of your body. It helps release restrictions to gain greater access, awareness and support from the deeper layers of your core. Suitable for everyone, it particularly addresses acute or chronic pain and movement limitations to restore optimal function.

Kimberley Loeb I Rolfing

BoulderBodyWorks   Boulder, Colorado

Rolfing Structural Integration aims to leave you feeling more comfortable in your body. Utilizing movement education and soft tissue manipulation and mobilization techniques, Rolfing  

  • Alleviates acute and chronic pain, soreness and tension; 

  • Enhances body flexibility, function and movement; 

  • Improves alignment, balance, co-ordination and posture; 

  • Promotes body, breath, movement and spatial awareness.

Christina Lubin I Integrated Positional Therapy

BoulderBodyWorks   Boulder, Colorado

Integrated Positional Therapy is a method of treatment for chronic pain, injury rehabilitation and structural realignment. It focuses on bringing foundational structures into alignment by balancing the surrounding muscles and fascia. It also empowers clients to participate in their own healing with at at-home techniques that are easy to perform.

Tambre Rasmussen I The Franklin Method

BoulderBodyWorks   Boulder, Colorado

Tambre has more than two decades of experience teaching Pilates fitness and rehabilitation and is also is also a Level III Franklin Method Educator. She enjoys working with a vast array of clients. She specialises in rehabilitation classes for the injured and elderly and mentors young dancers on injury prevention.

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