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Emotional Wellness Practitioners

Psychologist and Regression Therapist


Erie, Colorado

Under the leadership of Dr. Linda Backman, the RavenHeart Center was established in 1997 to assist clients to deepen their understanding and awareness of how their current life can be affected by events, behaviors and/or actions from a past life. In addition, Soul Regression sessions allows clients to comprehend their soul’s journey, their soul intentions in current life, the purpose of certain challenges they have faced in this incarnation, and what changes in their life might be useful now.


Using a light hypnotic trance, Dr. Backman regresses clients to an important past life and/or to the time between lives. This regression technique can be quite powerful, providing clients with important detailed information regarding their soul.


In addition to Soul Regression sessions, Dr. Backman also


  • Trains individuals in past life and between-lives soul regression

  • Conducts Spiritual Mentoring sessions (over the phone and face to face) to assist clients from a spiritual perspective to understand and process certain life’s challenges

  • Conducts spiritual workshops and gives lectures

  • Offers teachings on soul evolution

Boulder, Colorado

Dominie Cappadonna, PhD, CT, is a transpersonal psychotherapist, mentor, death awareness educator and contemplative chaplain. 

Through her work, Let Your Life Shine!: Radiant Living~ Luminous Dying®, Dominie provides respectful listening and inquiry, secure support, skillful practices and seasoned guidance along the adult life span as millennials, at midlife and as elders in both living and dying.

Offerings include wisdom teachings and trainings, transpersonal psychotherapy, ecotherapy and mentoring.


Boulder, Colorado


I have been working with women since 1978 and founded the Temple of the Sacred Feminine in 1987, a sacred, liminal space where women can follow their longing and enter into Sacred Feminine Initiations.


My work is rooted in a Jungian-transpersonal perspective as well as my own direct experiences since childhood. I invite women who are longing to directly experience their own lives as the Mystery and see the face of the Divine Feminine.


I work in Boulder with individuals, offer online sessions & groups, present to already-formed groups, and offer retreats, workshops, and trainings. 

Manitou Springs, Colorado


Dr. Jill Bakke is an author, teacher, healer and personal life coach, specializing in creativity, emotional clearing and self-actualization. In addition to coaching in private practice, she offers workshops in mask making, memoir writing, journal writing, stress management and understanding anger.

Her background includes an educational doctorate and a Masters in counseling from Montana State, with licensure as a Professional Clinical Counselor in Montana, New Jersey and Colorado. In 2017 she retired both the LPC status and financial counseling accreditation with AFC, to focus on self-awareness and self-actualization.

Pueblo, Colorado


Marcia Beachy, MS, LPC, is a licensed psychotherapist, author and ordained Interfaith Minister. She has been working in the field of conscious living and dying for over 30 years. Marcia is the founder of the Southern Colorado Conference on Conscious Living & Dying, inspired by the great need and the great opportunity we have now to awaken to who we truly are. 

Denver, Colorado


This is an invitation to enter a unique counseling relationship that helps you transform life’s challenges by gaining clarity about yourself, your relationship and your life journey.  You will be supported in finding new perspectives, revealing your unique wisdom, and enjoying personal and spiritual growth.  You have your own wisdom and our job is to we find the best ways to bring that wisdom to life so that you can.

Renee Ellis, MA RMT, is a wellness professional who has been inspiring others to live better lives for over 15 years. She has a Master's degree in Counseling Psychology and specializes in helping women find clarity and joy.

Boulder, Colorado


Ruby Seaton, Ph.D, has helped hundreds of people rediscover their creativity, authored Artlife: Creative Journeys for Life Healing, and is a multimedia artist, art therapist, and holistic psychotherapist in private practice in Boulder.

Aurora, Colorado

 I am working with individuals to create breakthroughs and transformation, changing patterns, changing unhealthy behaviors, and re-programing the way we think and see the world. My modalities are hypnosis, Holographic kinetics, spiritual coaching, Reiki, and creative arts.

Boulder, Colorado


J. Tamar Stone, M.A., C.H.T., is internationally recognized as a psychotherapist, consultant, consciousness teacher, senior Voice Dialogue facilitator, and the originator of The Body Dialogue Process. She is also the creator of Selves in a Box, an interactive card deck and manual for Selves exploration. 

Tamar’s in-depth and instinctive understanding of Voice Dialogue creates a safe and nonjudgmental environment for delving into the depths of your psyche.Whether in person, over the phone, via Skype, or with a group, these foundational practices are life-changing. Use this process of inquiry to fully reveal what’s present for you in your personal life, relationships, and work.

Denver, CO

Rev. Carol Wilke is a life changing transformational speaker, teacher, retreat facilitator and recovery coach. She is passionate about bringing hope and joy into the lives of all those she works with and supports in recovery.  She is the Founder and Spiritual Director for Heart, Mind & Spirit Recovery – a Center for Spiritual Living Focus Ministry, and an Assistant Minister with Mile Hi Church in Denver.
With more than a decade of celebrated sobriety, Carol credits an important part of her recovery to the AA program. Her passionate message is one of empowering individuals to discover their authentic selves and intrinsic value as unique expressions of God. Her spiritual counseling, recovery ministry and experiential learning retreats and lectures incorporate spiritual practices and principles, sacred wisdom teachings, universal laws and powerful life skills to step into the next level of recovery.
Carol has a unique ability to create a sacred space for deep authentic exploration and personal transformation with real world drug and alcohol addiction and recovery. She has lived through the depths and bottom of alcohol addiction, and has dedicated her life to providing a path to an unshakable foundation in the next level of recovery. Her Heart, Mind and Spirit Recovery Retreats offer experiential, life changing opportunities for expansion and growth, in a safe, nurturing environment.

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