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a mythic flight company

Restoring Body, Mind & Spirit.

Infinite Alignment evolved through the partnering of two powerful practitioners, a healer and a coach.  Christine Pollock and John Fick came together to meld their skills into one cohesive transformational process.


Christine and John combine their vast backgrounds and experiences in energy medicine and human development with their own Spiritual development practices to deliver personal retreats, transformational energy healing and mindfulness coaching.  Through intuition and divine guidance, they mixed their mind, body, and spirit gifts to alchemize a magical formula that resulted in the powerful ROSE process. This formula is a culmination of working one-on-one with hundreds of clients to transform their consciousness from pain and suffering to tapping into their creative birthright.

Individually and together, they offer:

  • Energy Therapies: Experience conscious awakening, spiritual growth and physical healing. Transform, embody and align with your own divine nature.

  • Mindfulness Coaching: Transform your life. Experience and live in a state of well-being, including vibrant physical, emotional and spiritual health.

  • Personal Retreats: Personalized individual and group retreats to revitalize and restore your Body, Mind and Spirit. In beautiful Evergreen, Colorado.


  •  Mindfulness Workshops: Powerful, experiential Mindfulness Workshops for mental and emotional Wellness, self-healing and empowerment

SPECIALITIES:  Energy Healing, Mindfulness Coaching, Personal Retreats, Health & Wellbeing, Neurotherapy, Mindfulness Workshops

Infinite Alignment

John Fick & Christine Pollock


1254 Snyder Mountain Road    

Evergreen, Colorado 80439