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Resonance Alchemy is a holistic energy medicine system that uses Cosmic Creation Codes for healing and transformation.


Katherine Parker received the Resonance Alchemy system in a direct spiritual transmission from a group of Pleiadian light beings more than twenty years ago. Since that time, hundreds have learned how to use this remarkable technology through Katherine’s teaching and mentoring. In addition, thousands of people have received healing and transformation around the globe from these powerful resonance frequency healing techniques.

Resonance Alchemy is a powerful, comprehensive and easy-to-learn method of holistic energy medicine that reconnects you to the innate vibrational blueprint that informs your being of its optimal state of wellness at all levels. This re-connection allows your body and energy systems to heal naturally, as they were designed to do. It also includes profound but simple meditation techniques designed to accelerate your spiritual evolution and awaken you to alchemical spiritual evolution.


Practitioners and clients alike have enjoyed the following benefits from Resonance Alchemy:

  • Emotional and mental opening and centering through Chakra balancing.

  • Meridian and Chi energy rebalancing for healthier body, mind and emotions.

  • Release of negative beliefs

  • Relief from symptoms of trauma and post-traumatic stress

  • Profound shifts in emotional and relationship issues

  • Physical relief for back, neck and spinal misalignment

  • Soul retrieval

  • Clearing past life karmic patterns

  • Realigning and strengthening your connection to your higher self

  • Profound spiritual awakening and development towards ascension



Awakening Your Divine Blueprint: An Introduction to Resonance Alchemy with Katherine Parker

Online Course

Resonance Alchemy Energy Healing

Katherine Parker 



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